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  • “…A new Digital Identification (seed-funded and supported by Rockefeller Foundation with partners like Bill Gates GAVI- the Vaccin Alliance and Microsoft) is being introduced worldwide. It could open up for a future where vaccinated people are allowed to move about more freely while the non-vaccinated will live with restrictions. It is a triumph for World Economic Forum, the tech-giants and their Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Technocratic Agenda Dominates COVID-19 Panic

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TN contributor Jacob Nordangård, PhD presents the view from Sweden in succinct detail with relevant historical perspective. Not surprisingly, the European perspective on Technocracy is no different than that in America.⁃ TN Editor

The Corona Crisis has in a matter of weeks profoundly affected every aspect of life and become the perfect trigger event to kick-start the Great Digital Transformation with its “smart” solutions and stringent surveillance measures. In the…

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