“You’re gonna make it after all”

There’s nothing quite as cheerful as the opening theme to The Mary Tyler Moore Show:

Watching this and listening to the music makes me so nostalgic for a time when we were more innocent. However that refrain, “you’re gonna make it after all,” reassures us, after all these years, that there are still brighter days ahead.

Marshmallow Memories

frontIf you’ve spent time in France, you know what “Fraises Tagada” is. It’s a squishy, yummy, pillowy, marshmallowy pink candy covered in glittering sugar crystals. At school, anytime someone happened to have a bag of them, we would turn into pigeons before bread crumbs, extending our hands to receive these drops that seemed to have been made of pink cotton candy clouds. It’s always the sweet simple pleasures that create the fondest memories. As a nod and a wink to those days and to my favorite candy, I decided to design a sweatshirt (puffy and soft, just like a fraise tagada) for fun, without the calories.