I found this post to be particularly relevant for this Holy Week in these peculiar times. Celia Hale’s messages always bring me a sense of peace.


“I am forced to the conclusion that many people go through the lip-service act of saying their prayers without the slightest belief that those prayers will be answered.  Consequently, they are not answered.”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

Why is this quotation true? It is because “belief” is such a necessary component of the law of attraction. We discover a need in ourselves, we ask that the need be answered, but then we doubt. And doubt is a killer of dreams.

Know that God is real.  I believe that He is a personal God Who answers prayers.  I do not believe that His answer is audible to us, but I do believe it occurs in the silence when we get quiet.  Often we will realize that we know how to solve the dilemma before us now.  Often we have this sense of knowing what to do next to…

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